Odd sign-up issue

I don't have an account to submit a support ticket, so I think that the forum is currently my only avenue to get attention of the right person, since I don't think my email to support was seen by whomever is doing the callback.

Whomever did the callback just now – please see the two emails that I sent to support@linode.com earlier describing the unusual issue. It will explain why whomever called must have heard what probably sounds like a fax machine.

(It's not; it's a TDD device for the deaf, that uses 6bit Baudot code to transmit characters and I'm told, sounds a lot like a fax machine or modem. Needs either a TDD to place a TDD-to-TDD call, or use of a relay service to do a voice-to-TDD call. Email has details.)



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Taken care of – all good now. Thanks!


You're all set. Thanks for the clarification, and welcome to Linode.com :)



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