How long does a support ticket take to get addressed?

I'm speaking on behalf of Kyle Mulligan, his linode user name is FLaRe85. He and I administer a linode together. He submitted a ticket on the 30th of December. The ticket has YET to be addressed. What is going on? Why is it taking SO long to have the ticket addressed? This is not the way a proper business should be performing.

Please, let us know what is going on.

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From some of the reports I've heard, sometimes a support ticket never makes it through the system.

If you haven't recieved a reply in 2-3 days at the MOST, I'd resubmit it.

You can also try joining the IRC channel and asking caker there.

If the problem description doesn't need to include confidential info, then these forums are a great place to post technical questions.

The IRC channel bot understands "!seen caker" so it'll display the last time caker was seen in the channel.

One thing I found about both the forums and the IRC channel is that if caker isn't immediately available to answer, some of the other customers will.

On a several occassions, caker answered my questions in IRC within the same minute I asked. On other occassions, other customers provided the info I needed.

Its a support ticket to remove an IP. I highly doubt the other customers can do that.

Plus, idling in IRC trying to get the attention of the only support guy is not the way a proper business should be run.

You are right Linode is not run like a big business.

But I have gotten better service with this community of users than any of the other BIG providors I have been with, and most of the small ones also.

Being involved with large vendors and small vendors in my business, I usually find the larger vendors have a lot better customer service. While community support is great, support that can only be provided by the host (IE: Removing the IP address) should be brought to immediate attention. And even if the ticket gets pushed back to a low priority, the host needs to respond to the ticket saying the ticket has at least even been noticed. Caker really needs to get his ass in gear and get a support crew going.


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