Cell Phones, which ones do you have, and why ?

Sony Ericsson K700

        Small Form Factor

         Plastic Buttons get stuck often. especially the top row.
         Not very solid case
         Battery Life is slightly short of horrible

         I dont care much for the camera, I think the entire   
         camera/phone concept is useless.

Sony Ericsson P900

         Covers all my simple PDA needs
         Sturdier Case Design than the K700
         Buttons work remarkably well
         Wider array of "Truly Usefull" 3rd Party Software
         I just love Epoc Ware Handy Safe
         Much better interface (on screen, keypad)
         Makes you feel like your carrying a brick around.
         Ocassionally Freezes Up (Symbian Locks up...)
                    ** Could be because of bad 3rd Party software


Now what Id like to know, is what phones do you use ? Why ? Anything youve noticed that you might want to share ? The good the bad the horrible.

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I have an Audiovox camera phone + Alltel. I like it.

My favourites are currently the Nokia 6600 and Orange SPV C500 both of which I own. I've had really bad experiences with Sony Ericsson and wouldn't buy one again for a while. My strongest recommendation would probably be Nokia.

I'm not big on PDA's, don't need one for work, don't use one… so my reply is limited to non-PDA type cell phones. I'm quite the opposite of Narada on this subject…

Sony Ericsson T306

This was my first phone when I finally got to the point of needing a cell phone. I had done a bit of research, and knew the Sony Ericssons typically had a history of having the most flexability on options. At the time I was also looking for long battery life, which the T306 definately had (mostly due to the slower processor installed). It also had IR, which I used to play with my laptop and upload custom made color backgrounds, and midi. Has a full capacity of about 1MB (about 700kb usable), and while the specs don't mention anything, I've found good support for IMAP, something I can't live without. Turns out to be a nice first cell phone, and still works to this day even though I made an upgrade.

The T306 is hard to find anywhere now, which is sad because they now sell the T226 and T237 in it's place where both of which in my opinion of even worse.

Sony Ericsson T637

Currently the best 610 based model out right now, it features a nice 128 x 160 TFT display, can take 288x352 effective pictures (software enlargment to 480x640 built in), has IR (I'm a big fan of IR if you can't tell), Bluetooth, supports Java, better support for online surfing, also IMAP support. Has a full capacity of about 2MB; a little sad comparing with some of the new verizon phones with upwards of 6MB, but I have yet to run into problems with space on my phone. Yet again, Sony Ericsson pulled off another phone with good battery life (and even better if you upgrade the battery from the original).

This one being one of the first Sony Ericsson camera phones, I will admit I wasn't big on the camera-in-a-phone idea either except that I have a number of friends that also like the Sony Ericssons and have a single combined "moblog" site where interesting/funny daily pictures are posted. So we make use of the camera a lot more than most people do anyway.

Specs on all mentioned phones:


I'm not a fan of Nokia phones. The fact that it is the more popular almost generic phone most people get is enough to turn me off. From friends that have them, I've heard of them constantly running into limitations of the phone that shouldn't even be a limitation (sometimes due to the provider, Verizon sucks btw in my experience, so does Cingular which sucks for me since I'm a customer with AT&T who was recently bought out by Cingular, luckily I upgraded my phone and signed a new contract before the merger as Cingular no longer offers the T637 anymore last I checked). Nokia phones just seem to be the cheapest crap providers can throw at people signing up for the free phone with service deals. I won't say they're that bad though, because I know of worse. Cricket with their Kyocera phones… now that's bad. I will admit there's one Nokia phone model I do like, but not more than most Sony Ericssons -- I think it was the Nokia 7250.

You're missing some. Quite a few, actually. I have a Siemens C60 myself, I switched from one of their "lesser" models (A50) about 6 months ago. I made the switch simply because of better features. The one I have now has polyphonic ringtones, GPRS Internet connection, MMS capability, a color display and is able to run Java games and other applications. My old one doesn't have these features.

Siemens C60:

~~[http://communications.siemens.com/cds/frontdoor/0,2241,hqen015546rArNrNrNrN,00.html" target="blank">](http://communications.siemens.com/cds/f … rN,00.html">http://communications.siemens.com/cds/frontdoor/0,2241,hqen015546_rArNrNrNrN,00.html](

Other mobile phone manufacturers also on the global mobile market:






The latter two probably don't have as large market share as the rest, but you should at least include an option for "other" in your poll.

I have a samsung pos. No camera or fancy stuff.

Nokia 6620 for the 850 mhz band and ogg ringtones, and SSH client. flex


Nokia 6620 for the 850 mhz band and ogg ringtones, and SSH client. flex

How did you get an SSH client for you cell phone?

> How did you get an SSH client for you cell phone?

Through the power of open source!


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