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In order to beta test a new product release, I am offering 10 free MySQL databases hosted at the Dallas Datacenter within the Linode network.

The beta test is part of a new offering from my company, to offer value added services to other companies.

The databases come with no strings attached other than that those undertaking the test report any problems or offer suggestions. It is asked that people taking part in the beta test limit their database sizes to around 100 megabytes.

The databases come with phpMyAdmin as a web based front-end and are open to external connections from anywhere on the Internet, allowing for the use of other management tools etc.

The beta test period currently is open ended, with other products being offered for beta testing as the development continues.

There are currently 10 databases available under this beta test.

This beta test is being performed in partnership with

Anyone interested in taking part in this beta test, please either contact me via pm on this forum, or I am usually on the Linode irc channel, with the handle adamg.

Please note that I live within the GMT time zone and therefore will only be around during reasonable hours within that time zone.


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This is a great idea for a service and since i am in the same switch as the mysql it runs basicly like it was ::1

Recently I've moved my mysql setup over to Adam's VAS. I run two fairly active sites that are php/mysql based and have one service that depends on mysql. While they weren't necessarily hungry for space the combination of the memory usage (15.2% on my L192) and IO usage of serveral joins was constricting, to say the least.

It's obvious that this type of VAS is crucial for solutions like Linode where you have to be mindful of memory and IO usage, especially if you have an L64. Great work and foresight on this product Adam, it's made my experience on Linode even greater (just when I thought it wasn't possible). Now if only I had a better way to manage my spam/virus that come into my Linode. :wink:


Thanks TJ.

Nice to know that someone like the mysql VAS


Now if only I had a better way to manage my spam/virus that come into my Linode. :wink:

All I can say is watch this space.

I am still suprised that you have been with linode for over 17 months and are always on IRC but this was your first post on the forum.


Is this VAS still available? Is there a homepage that I missed somewhere?


It is still in beta testing at the momment.

I know it has been going on for a while, those with the databases probably will not moan at that.

I am currently waiting for a couple of things to be sorted out before it moves into full production and waiting for a few people to become available etc.


Is this service still available? I would really like to try it out.


If you pm me a username, password and a db name, i will set one up for you.

It will be alive until the end of the beta.

All usernames and db names will be prefixed with ss_ and should be no longer than 10 chars


Just thought I would ask how things are going with the database.


I've found the site They offer free mysql databases. 8)

That site really isn't a substitute for a DB Host located in your DC. Many who know me are well aware I'm not a huge MySql advocate (ok more like hater) but if you have to have a MySql backend there is no point trying to do it efficiently on your L64 (or L128 for that matter). Presuming that db4free's website is hosted on the same server that runs MySql you're looking at crazy latency for running your web application (see the attached traceroute), that latency will make the end luser seem like they are visiting a /.'d website, in that case you should have just thrashed your node instead. Not to mention you aren't aware of the quality of service that will be provided to them, where as if you subscribe to this service the servers are currently covered under the same ToS that your node is, and the service has the blessing and support of the management. Who knows if tomorrow db4free's server will be there let alone your data in tact.

edit (actually attach traceroute)

tjfontaine@cassiopeia:~$ traceroute

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets

1 ( 0.855 ms 0.772 ms 1.446 ms

2 ( 1.065 ms 0.960 ms 1.901 ms

3 ( 1.531 ms 2.050 ms 1.803 ms

4 ( 1.432 ms 1.913 ms 1.892 ms

5 ( 1.730 ms ( 1.426 ms ( 1.350 ms

6 ( 1.733 ms 1.732 ms ( 1.535 ms

7 ( 120.341 ms 120.501 ms 121.029 ms

8 ( 120.158 ms ( 120.209 ms ( 120.705 ms

9 ( 119.636 ms 119.882 ms 120.458 ms

10 ( 120.193 ms 120.930 ms 120.552 ms

11 ( 123.286 ms 126.214 ms 122.724 ms

Why not just run your own MySQL.

I mean, we all have our own Linodes we can use.

Nothing beats sweet


Why not just run your own MySQL.

I mean, we all have our own Linodes we can use.

Well, this being Linode, memory is a tight resource. In some cases, it's actually better to make queries to a server 1 hop away on the same gigabit switch as your Linode than to run MySQL on your Linode. Comes in as a very handy VAS if you only need a couple small databases.

Is there any reason this thread is still sticky? The last post is 2+ years old.

Or…are you still offering this service?

It's been un-sticky-ified.


Righto :-). Good to re-claim some precious screen real estate…


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