Using rsync to sync two folders across a network

I'm running a Xen-node as a test, in addition to my linode.

Is there an easy way to sync-up the /web (where my wwwdata is kept) folders in there? I was thinking rsync, but any type of automated solution would be good.

The only real issue I can think of is that i have a few symbolic links in there, in order to make it easy for someone to keep webspace in their home folder.

Also, what's the command to setup a cron to backup the DB daily, bzip2 it, and name it "dbbackup4-21.bz2, dbbackup4-22.bz2" etc etc etc.

Thanks :)


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You can look up the options for what to do with symlinks in the rsync man page. As for you backups, you can write a script along these lines and cron it:

DESTDIR=/backup/root/`date "+%Y-%m"`
FILENAME=dbbackup-`date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H%M"`.tgz

mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}

You can do the necessary changes for bzip compression instead of gzip, but that should get you going.


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