One year

Wow, how time flies… I've now been using my linode for a year and there's been very very little effort involved in using it!

Performance isn't the best in the world (shared I/O contention, mainly!) but for the price and stability, linode would be hard to beat.

Yes, I'm renewing for another year :-)

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I've been on linode for over a year too (signed up in March 2004), and I've been very pleased with it. I haven't run into IO contention issues, or memory limitations, or anything of the sort, but then I use mine for web hosting, authoritative DNS, and incoming mail, for all of my personal domains. Depending on what you use it for, you may need to choose your plan carefully. For fairly low-traffic websites and mail, my "Linode 96" is probably actually overkill.

Oh, it's not my IO that's the problem, it's the overall IO on the host. .

My io stats can be close to zero usage (maximum tokens available) but processes spend time waiting for the disk. On a normal machine that would be a sign the disks were overloaded; with linode I'd assume some other linode would be hitting the disk heavily.


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