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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any experience with ApacheMODSSL and if it is what I should use in this following case.

First off I know I Need to get another ip address for my certificate.

This site is an e commerce site that sells drapery hardware, not that that matters heh.

But I need to know if a site like this should use Mod SSL or something different. I think I can get it all setup and everything. Just wanted some opinions and feedback on what I should do in order to secure one of my sites on my server. Thanks

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mod_ssl sounds like its exactly what you need. You should be able to purchase new IPs through your Linode control panel.

There's a wiki page on setting up multiple IPs on one Linode.

If your distribution has a package for Apache 2, I would reccomend installing it instead of Apache 1.x. I find SSL much easier to setup in Apache 2, but maybe that's just me.

Thanks for the tip, I am currently running apache2 anyway, thanks.


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