Stay away from

Man am I glad linode is around, you make everything so freekin easy.

1.) UnixShell does not allow any disk image management

2.) UnixShell does not allow any IRC access whatsoever

3.) Customer Support sucks ass

4.) They are using the Xen kernel which is still experimental and I can tell you they dont know what they are doing.

5.) Overall their forum is very weak.

6.) You have to pay 10 bucks for support

On the other hand they had one thing good, SnapShots. You could make a snapshot of ur system so u can back it up. And their memory and space was a little more.

If you had ever been interested in unixshell take my word for it, Stay with linode, linode is the best at what they do and I am sure they will be for a long time.

Post a comment if you have ever used this service (unixShell) - they look good on the outside.. bad on the inside. But u can sign up with them just to test out Xen if u want.

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