Kinda Scary..

I was one of the people who were affected by the power outage today. Im not mad at linode and I have no reason to be. Because it wasnt linodes fault, although I mean its kinda scary that the power would go out like that, I mean I thought these servers were supposed to have backup generators or UPS's. I have a client on my hosting which is an e-commerce site luckily the launching of the site isnt until this coming up wednesday, but that would have cause some shit if the power was out that day. I dont know how long the power outage was, cause I just came online today just to check and see how the server was doing, to find out it was down. Now if thw downtime was quick thats fine, but still it just scares me to think that my client would lose sales because TP breaker tripped. :?

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Fear not, see my post:

Basically it comes down to 1) A RPC unit that has a touchy breaker that the inital set of hosts to power off, and 2) Human error on ThePlanet's part which caused the entire rack to go down.


Not to knock caker, but no service in this price range is going to be completely downtime-free. If you need something more reliable, you're going to have to build something more reliable…. if you know what you're doing, and it's worth it, but not worth a much more expensive solution, you can build pretty solid redundancy using a set of similar providers. Just make sure you make linode your kingpin, because the other guys (cough unixshell cough) don't run as tight of a ship, and are prone to letting you down more often.

As for me, I've been a Linode customer since August of 2003, and haven't ever had any problems I didn't cause myself cost me any serious downtime. way better than other guys I've tried, at least, that are in anywhere near the same price range. Keep up the good work, caker and mikegrb!

I second that. Major outages have been rare. 99% of the time an issue comes up, it's a fluke at the datacenter, which could happen to any server you have with any provider.

That said, ThePlanet seems to be having more frequent problems recently. I'm sure moving all that hardware someplace else is high on the list of things you'd rather not do, caker, but if you decide it's necessary, I think we'll all support you.

Yeah, datacenter mishaps happen. Except for a few isolated incidents like that, my node has been rock solid. Very happy here! :)

I've had more downtime in the past 3 months that I had in my first year with linode… it's beginning to get very frustrating.


I should qualify my original statement by saying that I wasn't affected by this particular outage. Maybe I've been lucky so far. Heh. :)

Well i hope u all understood I am not mad at linode nor could I be, I am mad at the fact TP messed up. Anyway linode rocks, and as far as I am concernes they are the "kingpin"


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