Problems recieving mail from badly configured hosts

I've had nothing but headaches with email from one domain - its a large company, which a few people I know work for. Since I started handling all mail through my linode this hasn't been too bad, but even that isn't 100% available

The trouble is they bounce any message that isn't immediatly deliverable, after only one attempt. They refuse to look at any backup MX records, or queue for any retries…. As far as I'm aware this is completly the opposite to what the relevent RFCs say.

What I'd like to know, is has anyone had any luck contacting postmasters about this sort of thing - my impression is they won't be too interested that 0.01% of their mail, which is generally of a personal nature anyway is bouncing back. Everyone I know who works for them swears they never have a problem e-mailing anyone but people I handle mail through, but given what a grossly stupid configuration this is I find that hard to believe…

Anyway, any thoughts?

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I would think they'd HAVE to be interested in this sort of report. If they're bouncing your mail, they're probably bouncing a lot more. You can never count on mail delivering flawlessly on the first attempt and only to the primary MX.

Heck, if anyone is using greylisting, they'll be bouncing left and right.

Do you know what MTA they're using?


No company with more than half a brain between them would do that.

If you are right they have broken their mail setup and there isn't really anything you can do about it. How can you be sure thats what they are doing though?



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