Cacti and Token Monitoring

Hello All,

forgive me for my lack of understanding of these monitoring tools. I was able to get Cacti up and running on my linode. I was wondering if anyone had some templates to share.

I am interested in monitoring my Token usage (/proc/io_status). How could I go about monitoring tokens via Cacti?

Thanks for your help in advance!!!


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See ~~[" target="blank">]( … graph.html">](.

That will show you how to get the output of a script into cacti.

I don't have the io_status output in front of me, but the 'script' would be something simple like

awk '{print $2}' /prod/io_status | cut -d'=' -f 2 

Replace '2' with the field position of the io_tokens number. cut is used to only get the numeric portion.


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