Problems with Bastille Linux

Hey guys

I recently installed Bastille Linux in order to help improve my Linode's security, however, when I execute "bastille -c (to run in curses mode) I get the following error:-

> NOTE: Using Curses user interface module.

NOTE: Only displaying questions relevant to the current configuration.

ERROR: Could not load the '' interface module.This may be due to an invalid $DISPLAY setting,or the module not being visible to Perl.

I have curses/ncurses installed so I'd appreciate some advice from Bastille users.

I'm running Fedora Core 1.

Let me know if I need to supply more info on my system.


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What you're missing is the interface between curses and Perl. I'm not a Fedora person, so I can't point you directly to the RPM you need, but it would be something involving both programs.

Thanks for the response.

I've downloaded what I believe are the correct RPMs based on the Bastille site -


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