Ubuntu 16.04 LTS vs CentOs 7

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I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I would like to use cPanel, which means CentOs 7. What should I expect?

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Glad you're considering our managed services. You can find out more here: www.linode.com/managed

Specific to your question of CentOs 7 vs Ubuntu 16.04, it depends. While you can get general guidance, from the link below:

--> https://thishosting.rocks/centos-vs-ubuntu-server/

the more relevant analysis would be based on questions like:

--> Why did you choose Ubuntu 16.04 specifically? Is there a specific application that you work with that works well with Ubuntu 16.04? Was that a deliberate choice? Or have you found over time that that application works well with Ubuntu 16.04?; and/or

--> How important is it that you work with cPanel? Why are you considering it as an option? Is working with cPanel more important to how your current applications are configured and working with Ubuntu?; and/or

--> Do you have time to run the most business critical applications on a test CentOs 7 server? That would give you the real world answer to the answer you are seeking.

There are many more questions that may inform the decision. Maybe some members of our Community have specific experience running same apps on both distros and could weigh in.


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