pop3d-ssl: Unexpected SSL connection shutdown

Hi all, I installed postfix and courier pop SSL and everything seems to work just fine except this message in log files: "pop3d-ssl: Unexpected SSL connection shutdown".

  • This occurs at each pop login with Outlook :( clients, messages are correctly retrieved but are not deleted from the server Maildirs. They are stucked in the Maildir/cur directory so clients keep downloading them forever at each pop login.

  • This does NOT occur with thunderbird :D clients. Everything runs normally.

Any idea?


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I purged the Courier and install Dovecot instead, install and configuration took me 5 min and everything works fine. There is some workaround for Outllok clients that needs to be activated in the config file, I'm am not sure what it is exactly but it works.

FIX for this problem:

only run:

#mkdir /var/run/courier && chown courier:courier /var/run/courier

then only restart courier

ex. on CentOS 4.4

#service courier restart

END OF PROBLEM :twisted:


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