Recommend anyone to help check and improve server performance?

I have several servers with Linode, all for web hosting. Centos 6 and Centos 7, Apache, PHP, MySQL. Usual stuff. Its Linodes 8Gb server plan. I host a mix of sites, Wordpress and other CMSs. Wordpress uses far more memory than the rest.

One of my servers is playing up the past few months. MySQL often gets killed due to OOM. This is on a Centos 7 server with MariaDB.

I am reluctant to just upgrade it because it seems to me to be operating the same as all other servers I have, in particular Centos 6 servers, with similar resources used when I look at free -m. But my other servers have more traffic and more sites and cope totally fine no issues. I cant see any one particular site consuming way too much RAM to target, they all use approx. the same which is like 1.something% of RAM, but more of them on a server that works fine. So have no idea if its one or two high resource sites. Watching the access logs shows the problem server having less traffic than others. I understand it could be bad scripts or plugins on a site, but then I cant seem to identify which site, they all seem the same.

Anyway, point is, I have enough experimenting myself with mpm and my.cnf settings. There are no magic numbers that work for everyone, all sites online give different settings to try, and I just cant do it.

I need to sort this server out so am trying to find an expert who does this sort of thing, but having no luck. Either companies I contacted have not replied, or they want me to subscribe every month to a service plan which would cost too much, when I only need a one off service, I hardly ever need any expert help so not willing to subscribe to such service.

I wondered if anyone knows of anyone who provides such a service.

If the result is we just need to increase RAM then fine, but as stated I dont want to do that without checking if its really needed, it could be some bad configuration or something seen as other servers I have are fine.

If this works out then I would like my other servers checked and tuned too.


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Hello @amityweb

It sounds like our Professional Services team is exactly what you're looking for. They offer guidance and assistance with anything from architecture advise, software tuning, site migrations, and software deployments; basically your "One stop shop" for all types of Linux system administration tasks.

You can get started by filling out the "Get a Quote" section in the link below:

From there, they will reach out to you and discuss your options and start to develop the roadmap to success with you.

Thanks but I can’t complete that form as the minimum budget choice is $1k so I guess our expectations of what’s involved differ immensely. I would think someone who knows about server optimisation would probably spend a few hours on it, I’m not willing to spend a minimum of $1k for that. I’d rather not bother and just upgrade the server! Thanks.


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