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I have got some problems related to high CPU usage under no traffic. It seems to be a random issue and I can't even log into the machine to detect the problem. I've tried to run a process in background to save the history of ps command but that does not tell me which process is doing that because at the specific moment of crash everything stops.

I really don't know what to do. And I am not sure if this is a Linode problem.

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When you say that you can't log into the machine, how are you trying to log in? If you are struggling to SSH into the Linode, I highly recommend using your Lish console in your Linode Manager to access your server so you can run some reports like you wanted. Here is some guidance on using the Lish console to troubleshoot:


When you have access to the server, here are some commands I recommend running to help you identify what the cause might be:

$ iostat 1 10
$ top
$ ps aux

Here are some guides on using top and htop if you aren't familiar:


@Ttaylor I'm having a very similar problem. Random high CPU utilization a couple times a week at no particular time of day. However Lish doesn't allow me access either. Both Weblish, Glish and Lish via SSH do not even give me a login prompt. So I can't investigate the issue while it is happening. Rebooting the Linode alleviates the immediate issue but does not fix the root cause. My customers are getting very frustrated by these service interruptions as am I. I have a ticket open and am awaiting a reply. Thought I'd try here as well to see if you or anyone else can suggest a cause or fix .

@Linode Did you ever find out what caused your CPU spike and how to fix it? I'm experiencing a very similar issue.

@idimensionz We have a few troubleshooting guides that could be helpful for you here:

If you've been able to go through those guides and are still encountering problems, feel free to open a Support ticket. We'll see what we may be able to find that you're unable to through reviewing host load and history.


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