Warning: DocumentRoot does not exist

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I'm not sure how long everything has been broken, but out of no where my websites will not load. I have a ton of websites hosted on this box and I have not made any changes, now when I go to one the page won't load. When I check my console, I see the following:

Warning: DocumentRoot [/srv/xxxxxxx.com/public_html/] does not exist

What is happening?

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It looks like Apache may be having some trouble starting. That error specifically would point towards your Apache configuration, and the DocumentRoot directive trying to find a specified folder that it does not recognize as existing. You may want to check your virtual host configuration file to see where this error may be occurring. This file is usually found along the following path:


From there you'll want to make sure that the referenced folder /srv/xxxxxxx.com/public_html/ is referenced correctly, and exists with the proper permissions. Other useful commands for troubleshooting this may be as follows:

 sudo service apache2 start 
 sudo service apache2 status
 tail /var/log/apache2/error.log

The first will start the status of the apache2 service, the second will check the status of it, and the last will allow you to audit recent apache error logs, hopefully give you more insight into this issue.

I hope that helps!


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