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I have three virtual machines contained on this account, that host web applications for one of my customers. The customer potentially wants to transfer ownership of the virtual machines to themselves, meaning they would create their own linode account, where the virtual machines should be moved to.

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a virtual machine to another linode account? Or do we have to recreate the virtual machines on the new account "by hand"?

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To transfer a Linode from one account to another, you would need to create support tickets on both Linode accounts. They can say something along the lines of:

From the account sending the Linode: "I would like to authorize the transfer of xxxxx to the user xxxxx"

From the account receiving the Linode: "I would like to accept the transfer of xxxxx from the user xxxxx"

Once both tickets are open we will be able to transfer the Linode for you.


You can now transfer ownership of Linodes using the Service Transfer feature in Cloud Manager, accessible from Account > Service Transfers.

Check out the guide on How to Transfer Ownership of Linode Services with Service Transfers for more details.


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