Create multiple Linodes in parallel with Linode CLI?

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I have been working with your API for automated cloud deployments combined with StackScripts but have a question about the API/CLI. is it possible to use the Linode-CLI to deploy multiple Linodes at once, and even all in different network regions?

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This is a great question! I've been playing around with the Linode CLI and Bash and this is what I've come up with. You can accomplish this with a relatively simple script, such as:


# Enable Job Control, so that we can create Linodes in parallel
set -m

# Declare the array, "Region", which will contain the list of regions
# in which this script will be deploying Linodes
declare -a Region=("us-central" \
                    "us-east" \
                    "us-southeast" \

# Create 4 Linodes, each in a different region with the label "${Region[$i-1]}",
# where $i is the number of the Linode being created (in this case, 1-4)
# Run each Linode creation job in parallel by forcing each one into the
# background at runtime
for i in `seq 4`; do
        linode-cli linodes create --label "${Region[$i-1]}" \
                                  --region ${Region[$i-1]} \
                                  --stackscript_id <stackscript_id> \
                                  --stackscript_data <stackscript_data> \
                                  --root_pass <super-secure-password> \
                                  --image <preferred/image> \
                                  --type g6-nanode-1 &

# Wait for all of the backgrounded jobs to finish
while [ 1 ]; do fg 2> /dev/null; [ $? == 1 ] && break; done

This script only accounts for 4 1GB Nanodes, each of which is in a different region of the US, but you can customize it however you like. I've tested this script and it works quite well for me.

thanks for sharing that very useful :)

maybe setup a github repo with sample scripts ? :)

Hello )
I have a question that is very vital not for myself only, IMO.
Is there a way to use CLI to make several CLONES of my existed Linode? Let it be the exact same region, plan, etc, for example. And could I use CSV to input the names of these new Linodes?
Actually, I think it could be useful even for the main Linode Dashboard as a function.


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