grub problems booting my server

Hi. I used a raw disk and created a DEbian 9 server using lvm and other tools. My config profile has the kernel boot as grub. My problem is that when I boot the system, I get a grub prompt rather than the menu and when I type exit, the grub menu comes up normally and the system boots fine. Also, the disk I created was a gpt disk -- I was unaware there was any problems doing this, but I found out I had to create a BIOS partition and once that was done and grub installed, the system boots normally, after I get the grub prompt and exit that.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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If you're trying to boot from a raw disk you need to use the "direct disk boot" kernel option. It will work for any disk with a master boot record, assuming everything else is configured correctly.

OK, thanks, just saw your reply and I will try that.

OK, that did work -- thanks a lot.


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