Help -- sending a file to a domain

I am following a script supplied by a developer that has worked dozens of times but now fails at the first step, when I am sending a file called dump.sql to my domain.

In a command window I enter

pscp dump.sql

I then get a message asking for my password. After I type in the password it seems to start copying the file, but then I get a message

"X%Error while writing: failure dump.sql: Network error occurred"

Sometimes X in the above is 0, presumably indicating the write error happens immediately. Sometimes, however, X is 1/3 or even 1/2 way through the file. But I never get a successful writing of dump.sql.

I may inadvertently have done something to create a bad record in dump.sql, but since this step is just transferring a text file, I don't see why this would cause a write failure. And the location of the write failure is not always the same. My password is fine because I can access the site with SSH.

What could be going on?

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I would be curious if the disk is full. When run from a Command window, the following should prompt you for password, then log you into a terminal on the server.

putty -ssh

From there, you can run a few checks.

When running the following two commands, does either output show a disk that is nearly 100% used?

df -h
df -i


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