How do I move a linode to another account without disruption?

I sold some websites and need to setup a new linode account for the new manager. I then want to move several linodes over to that account but keep my current account. How can I do that?

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You can transfer the ownership of your Linodes and DNS records by opening a ticket with Support on both accounts requesting the transfer.

On the old account include the following:

  • List of what is being transferred including Linodes and DNS records
  • Name of the target account.

On the new account open a ticket with:

  • Acceptance of the transfer
  • List of items being transfered
  • Ticket number of the original request on the old account

There isn't any downtime or interruption of any services during a transfer. The only thing that changes is the ownership of the Linodes and DNS records.

Super thanks so much!

I'm in a similar situation, however I have a further question about private IPs.

We will want to transfer several Linodes to a new account and they communicate with each other via the private network. How is this managed when splitting to a new account? Would a new private network be allocated and if so, this would presumably cause some issues we would need to resolve fairly quickly after account transfer?

If we were to include a NodeBalancer in our setup (possibly replacing our current haproxy install on a Linode) could that be transferred across to the a new account too?

Many thanks!


@ColinG When a transfer happens, it doesn't affect the configurations on the servers themselves. Private networking is private within the datacenter, not to the customer, so transferring Linodes, and NodeBalancers, from one account to another will not effect the networking that's already in place.

The only main change that will come will be who gets the invoices for the services.

As stated above, to transfer services, a Support ticket must be opened on both accounts, listing all the services that you both want transferred. This would include additional services, like Backups.


You can now transfer ownership of Linodes using the Service Transfer feature in Cloud Manager, accessible from Account > Service Transfers.

Check out the guide on How to Transfer Ownership of Linode Services with Service Transfers for more details.


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