Reuse wildcard ssl ubuntu / apache

I bought a wildcard SSL cert from GoDaddy and installed it on an ubuntu / apache server.

I need to install it on another server now but GoDaddy is zero help.

I can't find any good directions online either. Anyone have a good resource for this?

I think you have to export the certs and key from your first install… and import to the second linode… but I have no idea how.


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Depending on the kind of SSL certificate you can simply move the certificate files over to the new Linode and install them as you would normally. We have guides on installing SSL certificates in Apache for Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS 7:

Installing SSL Certificates with Apache on Debian & Ubuntu

Installing SSL Certificates with Apache on CentOS 7

In other cases you'll need to create a new Certificate Signing Request on the new Linode, and provide that to GoDaddy so that they can create a new SSL certificate for that specific Linode.

You may also wish to consider creating a new SSL certificate with CertBot. CertBot certificates are for single sites normally, but you can also set up a wildcard certificate with a little additional work. There's an unofficial guide on how to do so here:

Generate Wildcard SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt/Certbot


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