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I know this has been asked before but it has been a while and I was wondering if there's been any updates on Australia-based data centres. I currently use the Singapore server and it's fine but management are asking for all data to be stored locally so I'm looking at having to migrate away from Linode :(


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Hey @kristakis,

We don't have any plans in the works right now for an Australia-based data center, but I've tracked your request on our end so we can consider this for the future. We'll be sure to announce any big data center news here.

We're really sorry to hear that you may have to migrate away from Linode because of this. We're always looking to improve and offer more services on our platform, so we will be sure to keep this in mind as we plan for future datacenter deployments.

Hi @hmorris,

Thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye on the blog.


I'm in the same boat. Would love to see an Australian data-centre.


Firstly, we're very happy with Linode, it has been fast and stable (310 days uptime) but we're the stage now of looking for Australian-based alternatives and wanted to just check in to see if there's been any developments in new Data Centre locations. I haven't seen anything on the news page.

I've narrowed my list down to Vultr and OVH and was also wondering if anyone had any feedback about them or any other Aussie-based providers.


Hey @kristakis check out BinaryLane also.

Vultr is fast and has a good network etc BUT and it’s a big but…

They don’t offer bandwidth pooling - that means you can’t buy a $5 node to add a TB of traffic once your bundled traffic is used up (like you can with linode and digital ocean).

You also can’t buy extra bulk bandwidth.

Overage is expensive too at 0.025 in Asia and 0.05 in Australia - that’s $50 a TB.

That means although you can keep upgrading the node to get additional bandwidth, after a certain point since bandwidth doesn’t scale with price, the cost get astronomical if you need more bandwidth.

We asked Vultr how we’re supposed to add bandwidth and prevent overage and they said we should use notifications to shut down the server down when it hits the limit lol!

Basically with Vultr your services can scale in cpu or memory but there’s no provision to handle extra bandwidth as your services scale. I can only guess this is how they make their money.

This alone means we simply don’t use Vultr for anything.

Just a delayed +1 for Linode in an Australia data centre.

There's a Sydney server now?!




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