Moving email from another vds

Does anyone have any experience with moving users/email (just a few users) from one VDS to another? I need very little downtime (which might mean updating the migration until all DNS servers convert to the new IP.)



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What MTA are you using? I just moved from another VPS provider to Linode and was using postfix. It turned out to be MUCH simpler than I had expected and didn't even require any MX voodoo.

The rough steps that I took should work on other MTA's too:

1. configure your new VPS just like the old one

2. rsync your mail to the new VPS

3. Set your old VPS as and new as in /etc/hosts on both machines

4. configure your old VPS to relay all mail to the new one

5. restart the old VPS MTA

6. change your MX record for that domain and anything that comes to the old VPS in the next few days is forwarded

Hope that helps,


That should actually help me. I use exim-tls. I hope it will be as easy.


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