Services for the data records in extension volume automatically

Can anyone configure manually the services for the data records in extension volume automatically when the primary disk is full?

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Are you referring to using a Linode Block Storage Volume as the primary data store for a service? If so, it depends on the service. In most cases you'll need to manually change where the service is storing it's data, but you may be able to automate the process with a script, or the service itself may allow for storing data in multiple locations.

If you're talking logs, there's a few ways to set this up. While it's possible to do this with a little scripting and ingenuity, a better solution may be to use logrotate to manage your logs. You can setup a cronjob to run logrotate regularly, and configure logrotate to handle your logs in a multitude of ways.

If you're concerned about disk space filling up due to logs, I'd suggest rotating them out daily or weekly and compressing the old logs. You can even setup another cronjob to move the compressed logs to a directory on your Volume for more permanent storage.

There's a really great guide on logrotate in the Linode docs here:

How to Use logrotate to Manage Log Files


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