How to change the email configuration on Linode running Wordpress?

3 months back I made a Linode server running Wordpress using the official Linode materials.

Now I would like to change a thing - whenever Wordpress sends an email, it is from my private Gmail adress. I am using Contact Form 7 and emails sent by Contact Form 7 show as sended from my private gmail aswell. I'd like to use a custom domain.

I only remember that CF7 did not sent any emails and somehow I fixed it with using gmail but now can't remember how.

Please, if anyone has an idea how to fix this, I'd really appreciate any help.

If anything more is needed, please feel free to ask.

Thank you!

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I'd look at Contact Form 7 for instructions on how to change your email address. Also, the other place to change your email is in wordpress under the profile settings.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately that is not the case. I've changed my email adress in both, Wordpress user settings and Contact Form 7, but it isn't working.

It might be that I don't have a mail server correctly set up, however I would atleast need to disable the gmail mails beforehand which I don't know how.

Are the emails not going to your custom email address?

In the past I've used the "WP Mail" plugin with success for SMTP sending…may be it's worth a try?

Hey guys, sorry for a late reply.

Thank you for your answers.

Markieb's solution did work, thank you so much! I had no idea this plugin existed.


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