Lish web console, cannot type password

Problem: I'm trying to confirm a fingerprint with Lish. Whenever I type in an username in the Lish web console I get asked to put in the password (so far so good). Now I try to type in a password, but it isn't showing anything on the screen. Any key I press is not shown or registered. Is this a bug?

Some extra info:
I've been following the getting started guide. The only difference is, is that I used ubuntu 18.04.
I'm on a windows, so I installed Putty (guide).
I'm following this guide to verify the fingerprint.

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Linux doesn't show asterisks for passwords.

What Woet said. That’s by default a security feature of Linux. You can always join the Linode IRC channel for questions too.

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There are two modes in a Linux terminal (which PuTTy emulates): echo on (in which a user's input is shown), and echo off. When entering a password, your terminal is in 'echo off' mode.

As for why Linux decides to handle passwords this way, the two answers above are basically the long and short of it -- by not showing asterisks, those looking at your screen can't even see the length of your password.


@fredpen There is nothing to solve.

@fredpen Even though you can't see the letters being typed, the console is receiving your input. Simply type your password, press enter and you should be good to go!


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