Is there a way to get invoices automatically emailed to you?

I've had a pretty good hunt, but I can't see a way to get invoices emailed to a specific email address. Without this I have to manually download and forward each invoice to our finance person. That's quite annoying.

Is this possible or..?

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I don’t believe there is. However, maybe you could setup automatic forwarding in your email account or application.

It must be possible to do that !
The real question is: from where to where are you trying to send the invoices ? How do you receive or create the invoices ?

I'm sorry, I'm actually mistaken. Try the following.

In your Linode account under Users and Permissions, Add a user, setup a username/password, email, and make sure the Restricted User setting is set to Yes Under Global Grants check the Can view invoices, make payments, etc. then click update grants at the bottom.


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