Over RAM memory

Why does our Linode account have a capacity of 2025020k since our account is $ 50? Should not we have about 8 GB?

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It's possible that your Linode is on an older generation plan. We update our plans periodically to provide additional resources to our customers. If you'd like to review the upgrades we've released in the past, check out our blog.

To check if your Linode is eligible for a free upgrade, login to the Linode Manager and click on your Linode. If you see a banner with the words "A free upgrade is available for this Linode!", click the link to learn more about the resources that the upgrade provides. If you do decide to upgrade, keep in mind that your Linode will need to be powered down while it is resized.

I hope this helps! If you need any more account specific information, don't hesitate to create a ticket.

I am trying to understand what are the characteristics of our plan, since we have it since September 26, 2013 and it seems that the characteristics of the plans have changed. The fact is that we have a memory limit of 2048 MB, and we do not know if we have the right to a free upgrade or if we need to enlarge the plan because this limit does not allow us to correctly download some content on the page. Please tell me what my alternatives are.


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