Can Block Storage be attached at several hosts at once to treat it as shared storage?

Actually, see the subject.

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No. You can move them among your linodes in the same facility but they can not be attached at the same time to more than 1 linode.

Linode Staff

Hey there!

As JeremyJ said, you won't be able to attach a Block Storage Volume to more than one Linode at a time, however if you set up one server as an NFS Server, you can share the Block Storage Volume on that server as a Network File System. This guide should help get you set up with NFS on a Debian 9 Linode and I think is a good place to start investigating that as a possibility.

I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction!

Is there a good alternative to NFS? NFS is really a dog, and often breaks. Timeouts, stale mounts, all kinds of nonsense.


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