This is not a question, rather an attaboy: Cloud.linode

Used it, first time today!

Awesome! much clearer, cleaner and (it appears) to perform better

Great work!

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In comparison, here's the feedback I sent in 2 months ago. I don't like the new cloud panel at all :)

Hi guys,

Just some quick feedback regarding the new control panel design.

I am finding it takes a lot more clicks and/or hunting to find the information that is available on the old panel. There is a lot of wasted white space in the new design, which is directly contributing to the "issue".

For example, on just the home page of the old panel I can see at a glance, without having to click anything else:

*) The configuration profile I am using
*) How many disks I have attached to my Linode, their name, their sizes, and their formats
*) How many volumes I have attached to the Linode and their size
*) If it's running and it's uptime
*) Network usage
*) Storage usage
*) Backups enabled or not
*) Which host it's on
*) The host job queue

On the new panel I can see:

*) Linode name
*) If it's running or not
*) Linode size, OS, and IP
*) How many volumes it has

It just seems like there is so much buffering and whitespace around everything to show such a small amount of information in comparison. It's a little frustrating, because it seems like a lot of design is heading the direction of "less is more", which in reality when you are dealing with technical users that is not always the case!

Just my two cents!

Old interface is much better and powerful. I hate the new cloud manager. New interface is for kids/dummies. If Linode ever chooses to enforce new interface I would rather leave.

I don't see any major flaws in the new design, but I still use the old one.

  1. The old graphs are much more convenient for me. And they have max, avg. and last in a graph legend
  2. The new design doesn't have Uninvoiced Balance in account tab.


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