It is set of presale questions from Indian customer

I want to ask few questions before signup and I tried to find answer for these and couldn't get it.

  1. Do I get Control Panel(cPanel) free of cost by default when I buy it ? Or any other restrictions applies like trial version ?

  2. Do I need to pay for Backup/Restore or Is it included in the server cost ?

  3. Do you have servers in Indian data centre ?

  4. Guide me about the your managed support (price/whats included by default?)

  5. Do you provide help in Software Installation?

  6. Can I pay in INR ?

  7. Do i get default SSD or need to pay extra ?

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1) You have to buy your own cPanel. Linode only provide the VPS server.
2) Automated backup service costs extra.
3) There is no Indian datacenter at the moment.
4) Basic support is included with account.
5) You need to be able to install software. I'm not sure if Linode will help you with that.
6) You have to pay using a credit card and Linode charges in USD.
7) All storage is SSD.


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