I can not login

I can't login to Linode Manager. My username and password are correct. I can reset password, but still i can not login. When i try to login, it say's :::: — Invalid username or password —

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Interesting: I can not login this : https://manager.linode.com/
But i can login this: https://cloud.linode.com

I think manager.linode.com not working anymore, try this: https://cloud.linode.com

I tried launching a console both weblish and glish from cloud.linode.com and it flashes and stays black (i'm using latest chrome browser). I wasn't sure if it is also a problem, or if there is just an incompatibility with latest chrome.

After your message, I try to start Launch Console/Weblish and weblish works great. There is no Black Screen at Weblish. By the way, my os is Ubuntu and browser is Google Chrome.

Hi there,

We're aware of log in issues affecting the Linode Manager. Our team is currently investigating this and you can find more information and track updates on our status page.

As was mentioned above, many of our customers have access to the newer Cloud Manager, which is not affected by this issue. You can access this manager at cloud.linode.com.

Thanks for your patience while we work towards resolving this!


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