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I want to buy a linode but I don`t have credit card,can i pay for other way? example Alipay…

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Hi there @leechen,

Linode accepts multiple forms of payment, though we do require you have a valid credit card on file. Also, when you sign up, the initial charge does need to go through the credit card you use when you sign up.

PayPal may be the easiest way for you to add funds to your account. For extra information about billing and payments, check out our Docs Page.

You can easily make manual payments to your account via PayPal as credit, and any invoice on your account will first deduct from your account credit before ever checking on your credit card.

I hope this helps!
Brandon L.
Linode Support Team

I just wanted to quickly follow up with this. While we still require a valid credit card upon signup, customers no longer need to make an initial deposit using that card. Instead, during signup we'll make a $1 authorization hold on the credit card. This hold will be released within 3-5 days (depending on your bank).

In addition to AliPay, it was recently suggested that we add WeChat payments as well. While I'm not aware of any immediate plans to add these payment methods, I've added them to our internal feedback tracker for further review. If anyone has any other suggestions, let us know!


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