MySQL Improved?

Hi, I'm just transferring one of my old forum PUNBB sites from TextDrive to Linode. I'm getting this error though:

This PHP environment doesn't have Improved MySQL (mysqli) support built in. Improved MySQL support is required if you want to use a MySQL 4.1 (or later) database to run this forum. Consult the PHP documentation for further assistance.

How does one go about including mysql into the php environment.

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Instead of using a mysql version 4.0, i installed mysql version4.1 and I still get the same error.

The error lies with php, not mysql. The mysqli part of php has not been built or loaded. See if there is a mysqli extension in /usr/lib/php/extensions/$somedir/. If so, add a line extention=php_mysqli to your php.ini file. Otherwise, install php with the extension built in, or see if the extension is packaged seperately for your distribution.


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