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When using Centminmod to setup a WordPress instance, the installation seemed a success.

However, when attempting to log in to my Wordpress site using wp-login.php, I am greeted by an Nginx authentication page, which tells me that wp-login.php isn't given the chance to load.

This is not the regular Wordpress login, if I click cancel I'm greeted with an Nginx error.

401 Authorization Required

How can I fix this?

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Here's what I found to fix the issue

First remove the comment before htpasswd_wplogin in:

Next we edit the file /usr/local/nginx/conf/htpasswd.sh

Run the script /usr/local/nginx/conf/htpasswd.sh to create /home/nginx/domains/example.com/htpasswd_wplogin YOURUSERNAME YOURPASSWORD

Lastly, run nprestart then nginx restart

Revisit http://example.com/wp-login.php and authenticate Wordpress.

For more information see:
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