Stackscript does not support custom image?

In the API I have provided a custom image on create.

However it says "A Linode image is required when deploying a StackScript".

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That's correct. Our StackScripts need to be deployed on a Linode image. If you look at the StackScripts we have in our library, you'll see that each of them comes with a list of distributions that they're compatible with.

For access to our StackScript Library, you can click on the link below:


If you'd like step-by-step instructions on how to deploy our StackScripts, we've written up a guide below:


We also have API documentation on StackScripts, which is available here:


However the custom image we've made was based on the linode image. Could we at least allow the stackscript to be deployed to these derived images?

It shouldn't be a problem to allow us to add compatibility against custom images?

I think giving warning message to users that "It might not work on custom images but may work on those derived images"

This seems to still be a problem.

Hey @pedromg – we actually just recently rolled out support for private images with StackScripts. When creating your StackScript in the Cloud Manager, you'll see a new option under "Target Images" called "any/all". Selecting this will allow you to deploy StackScripts to private images.

Hope this helps!

@jackley I gave this a shot but I still don't have the LINODE_ID environment variable in my instance. So I assume even though I was able to select my custom image with my custom StackScripts, it didn't actually work?

Hey @creamlike - Are you calling the $LINODE_ID variable with the proper syntax? Dollar sign and all caps. Here's an example bash script that prints your Linode ID to Lish Console:


echo "Linode ID: $LINODE_ID" > /dev/ttyS0

@eruzanski I was unclear on how this script was executed. My StackScript looked like this:


Whereas apparently one of the correct solutions is:

echo "LINODE_ID=$LINODE_ID" >> /etc/environment

The latter solved my problem.


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