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I am running python application on my local0 machine, which is linked to Mysql Database exist on this server. I have PY file and I am using BAT windows file by calling:
python C:\Users\PC\Desktop\test\AZAutoBuy\

I need to upload this code on the Linode Linux server and run it online. How can I accomplish this?

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You can transfer the file though SSH with the scp command to (for example) /home/user/

I'm not a Windows user, but you can check here how to use pscp to transfer files from Windows to GNU/Linux.

Once you have it on your server, you could run it once just like you do Windows:

python /home/user/

Or if you want to run it in the background, add & at the end of the line, like so:

python /home/user/ &

I don't know what does your script do, but you could use a cron job to run it at boot or at certain time intervals.

Read more about SCP and cron.

Many thanks,

I used putty to run the python program. but when I closed the putty the application is terminated.

Shall I run it use a cron job?

On the other hand, what do you mean by "if you want to run it in the background, add &"?


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