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We need an invoice that includes our VAT number. How do we do this? Thanks!

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There are two ways this can be done. I've included directions for both the Classic Manager and the new Cloud Manager. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Read below for some empowering instructions!

The directions in this paragraph are for our Classic Manager. Log into Classic Manager with your credentials. Then, click on Account at the top. Once in the Account section, click on Contact Info. From there, you are able to add your VAT number underneath the Country drop down menu.

If you would like to do this in our new Cloud Manager, these instructions will guide you. Log into Cloud Manager with your credentials. On the left hand side, click on the Account tab. Once inside the Account tab, click on Update Contact Information. Next to the Country drop down menu, there is a box for you to enter you VAT number.

I hope this information helps!

@rdaniels I can fill in the VAT number in the new Cloud Manager, but it doesn't appear on the invoices.

@jeff Thank you for letting us know! We were able to replicate this issue, and I will pass this information along to our development team. In the meantime, you can access a copy of your invoices, with VAT number included, from Classic Manager.

I hope this information helps!


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