Why is my Linode not loading in other countries?

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My websites for this domain are not showing in many places, except it's working in my country. I used the following website to check connections from different locations around the world:


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Your Linode is physically located in whichever data center you selected when you created your Linode. This means that if you chose the Frankfurt data center for example, your data is stored on an actual disk within the data center in Frankfurt.

If you try to ping from a location near Frankfurt from a country like Poland, you will likely see a fast response due to the data being located close by and the route your traffic has to take will be short and direct.

On the other hand if you try to ping your Linode from far away it's possible that the connection will be very slow or even timeout completely depending on your webserver configuration.

One solution to this is to use a Content Delivery Network like Fastly. This service will take your content and cache it in different locations around the world. This allows your content to be more quickly accessed by users everywhere so that they get a better experience and are much less likely to experience a server timeout.


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