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I am a service provider and I work with web hosting in WHM/cPanel. How can I provide DNS services since Linodes come with only one IP address?

In this case I can not provide and

Do you have any suggestions?

How do I get the dns ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4 and so that all my clients can use these nameservers?


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In order to provide proper DNS services, you will need to configure multiple Linodes to be used as nameservers. The reason why 2 addresses are requested by WHM/cPanel is to ensure that DNS is configured redundantly, so that if one server fails the other will step in for it. If you wish to host your own DNS servers (e.g. ns[1-5], then you will need to setup a separate Linode for each of them.

That said, with WHM/cPanel, you do not necessarily have to configure 2 nameservers. This is the default behavior, however you can change it by toggling "Allow Sharing Nameserver IPs" under WHM > Tweak Settings.


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