kernal update auto for goeIP model

the linode
Latest 64 bit (4.18.16-x86_64-linode118) - 2018-11-06
By selecting this kernel, you will always boot with the latest Linux kernel we provide.
this does not support the goeIP model
nginx: Linux packages
Currently, nginx packages are available for the following distributions and versions:
Version Supported Platforms
6.x x86_64, i386
7.4+ x86_64, ppc64le

by installing my own kernal every time we give an update the kernal stops working does anybody now of a work around?

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From the error message you provided, it looks like this is essentially CentOS telling you that the specific OS version you're using isn't compatible with the kernel you're using. This could be due to an older, possibly EOL version of CentOS lacking compatibility with a newer kernel.

Without knowing the version of CentOS that's running, it's tough to recommend a specific workaround, but I found a couple resources that might help.

This is a version compatibility table straight from CentOS: CentOS Product Specifications

And here's something similar from the CentOS Wiki: CentOS Releases

If you ultimately end up needing to change your kernel, here are some of our guides that should help you along the way:

How to Change your Linode's Kernel

How to Update your Linode's Existing Kernel

And here is a list of the available kernels: Current Kernels

Linode uses GRUB2 as the default kernel, and I've seen it be compatible with most operating systems more often than not. May be worth a try!


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