What are some goals I can set for using Linode to learn about Linux?

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I'm interested in using Linode to learn about Linux. Where is a good place to start and what are some projects I can use as goals to start learning?

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Getting Started

To start, I would recommend following Linode's Getting Started Guide to become familiar with deploying disk images and accessing your Linode.


Next, there are a few extra steps you can take to significantly increase your servers security and help prevent against intrusion. I've linked my recommendations below.

  1. Enable Key-Pair authentication

  2. Disable remote root login and password authentication to prevent password brute forcing

  3. Install Fail2Ban to block IPs after multiple failed login attempts

  4. Set up a basic firewall with IPtables

Stacks and Sites

Once you have successfully secured your server, you will want to learn to configure a basic LAMP stack or LEMP stack to create a webs server, gain a basic understanding of using the command line and play around with some of the most commonly used Linux applications. A common step to follow building a web server is to Host a Website, however, where you go from here is entirely up to you!

Here are some other common ways to use a Linode.
Running a game server

Feel free to peruse our Docs for even more projects and guides!

Don't use something that costs you money and is exposed to the internet. Use a local VM until you're comfortable with it.


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