roundcube install email won't list in browser

ubuntu 14.04, postfix/dovecot/mysql. using imap.

Email will not list in any browser. I can manage folders and see the correct # of emails, change my preferences, etc. no meaningful errors logged. help!

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Hey @ph0tmd5 - I did some searching around on this to see if anyone else had experienced similar issues, and it looks like the common problems people were running into were related to PHP.

I found this forum post on Roundcube's GitHub page. In the post, multiple users seem to have had the same issue with messages not displaying, and both solved it by updating their version of PHP:

Roundcube “Server Error (OK!)”: Lists no messages but can get messages according to the log file

If you think this might be the case, here's a Community post that explains how to upgrade PHP on an Ubuntu system:

How To Upgrade PHP Version on Ubuntu

I found another case where a PHP optimization module mod_pagespeed (one of two PageSpeed Modules, with the other being ngx_pagespeed) was conflicting with their Roundcube install:

roundcube webmail shows no mails

More on Pagespeed Modules here: Apache PageSpeed

Lastly, while I know you said you're running Ubuntu 14.04, here's a link to our Roundcube installation guide for Ubuntu 16.04. If nothing else, it might help point you in the right direction:

Install Roundcube on Ubuntu 16.04

Hope this helps!


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