Failed to fetch packages and GPG errors when trying to install Longview

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I'm seeing 'W: Failed to fetch … 403 Forbidden' and 'W: GPG error: … KEYEXPIRED' errors when trying to install Longview using the curl command provided in Manager, and Longview isn't working. How can I get Longview to work?

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These errors are likely being thrown due to incompatible or outdated configurations in your sources list. You should be able to get Longview running despite these issues by installing it manually, instead of using the curl command given in Manager.

Uninstall Longview

First, you'll have to uninstall Longview so you can get a fresh manual installation going. Here are instructions to uninstall Longview from our guide.

Install Longview Manually

Next, you can proceed by following instructions to install Longview manually from our guide.

Further Troubleshooting

If you're still having problems getting Longview to run, we have further troubleshooting suggestions in our guide. Otherwise, you can always contact Linode Support such as by opening a Support ticket and we'll look for issues on our end.


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