Does Linode allow for easy setup of imap and smtp servers using Ubuntu?

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Hi, currently I am using another cloud provider, but their server and policy makes it very hard to configure our own mail server. Many users complaint the same. Does Linode allow for easy setup of imap and smtp servers using Ubuntu?

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We have plenty of customers who use us for running their own mail servers. Our Docs team have put together plenty of guides that are aimed at guiding customers in setting one up. Whether you need to build one completely from scratch or you're looking for an off-the-shelf solution, our docs have got you covered.

Since you're looking for assistance for running a mail server on Ubuntu, I curated a list of the more popular resources for that distribution:

  • Running a Mail Server - This guide offers an overview of installing a mail server on your Linode. It covers mail server configuration, creating mail accounts, and basic overviews of tools relevant to hosting an email webserver.
  • How to Create an Email Server with Mail-in-a-Box - If you chose to host your own email server, but after reading through Running a Mail Server you got discouraged by the complexity of this process, then there’s another solution: Mail-in-a-Box.
  • Install iRedmail, Open-Source Mail Server, on Ubuntu - This guide uses a streamlined process, the iRedMail install script, and should have you up and running your mail server in under 15 minutes.
  • Email Server Guides - Whether you’re running a personal blog or an entire company’s web infrastructure on your Linodes, these guides will assist you in getting a stable mail/groupware server up and running quickly.

Pat Woods
Linode Support Team


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