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I would like to configure a static IP for my Linode

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After you create a Linode, the IP address assigned to it will not change.

If you are referring to creating a static networking configuration within your deployment (as opposed to obtaining your IP by DHCP), we have a guide that covers setting this up:

You can also turn on our Network Helper tool and then reboot. This will automatically generate a static config for you:


This is more just a confirmation check regarding the same topic. I have a project that requires a static IP address and yes when you use DHCP it changes every time either the system reboots or resets or depending on the lease time of the IP.

I noticed the network helper but wasn't 100% that would stay static until I decided otherwise.

Can we confirm?

Thank you

Your IP address(es) are static. I've had my current Linode since 2019 and the IP address(es) haven't changed at all. I had the previous one from 2013-2019 with the same experience.

I allocated a new Linode to change distros and migrate rather than try to do some weird upgrade dance. That's why my Linode changed IP address(es) in 2019. Both of these Linodes used Network Helper.

-- sw


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