Why is my CPU usage spiking on a newly deployed Linode?

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I am currently using a Windows 10 image and have deployed this successfully to multiple Linodes with no issues. Recently, I deployed this same image to a new Linode but it has had multiple CPU spikes since then(some as high as 200%).

What could be causing this?

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Seeing CPU spikes like that is definitely strange but lets dig into this!

After a fresh install, Windows 10 does have an intensive indexing of the drive and must complete any updates so this could be related to the spikes you are seeing. This sometimes can take a few days.

CPU usage from any virtual machine typically depends on the guest operating system usage. I'd suggest checking the CPU consumption in the guest operating system with Window's Task Manager. You should then be able to sort all processes by CPU% to see whats the top contender.

From what I can find online, setting hpet to yes in the VM XML should also fix it.

Hope this helps!


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