How do I install PostgreSQL on my Linode?

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Is it better to download the source code for PostgreSQL and compile it or should I download a package for my Linux Distribution? How do I do each?

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Distribution Packages vs. PostgreSQL Repository vs. Compiling from Source

If you are you want the quickest, easiest and most compatible (with your distribution and its other packages) version of PostgreSQL the Distribution package method is almost always the best choice.

If you need a specific version of PostgreSQL that is not supplied by your distribution, then you may wish to use a PostgresSQL Repository package, however you will first have to tell your distribution about the repository and tell it to trust the repository.

Finally, If you are looking for a specific new feature in the latest version of PostgreSQL, or if you are following instructions for a specific setup that requires a version of PostgreSQL that isn't supplied in a package for your Linux distribution or in a PostgreSQL repository, then compiling may be your best bet.

Once you have decided which type of installation method you want, The official PostgreSQL Download Page is the best source of instructions for the installation, and provides links and instructions for packages included in most distributions as well instructions on how to install from the PostgreSQL Apt Repository (for Debian/Ubuntu), the PostgreSQL Yum Repository (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux), and the PostgreSQL RPM repository for SUSE Linux.

Source Code for PostgreSQL can be found here and Instructions for compiling can be found here


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